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Chief Meteorologist Brian Lovern Featured On Bloomberg Discussing Hurricane Dorian

Friday, August 30, 2019 at 8:28PM

Hurricane Dorian is obviously on the minds of many folks this evening, and earlier our own chief meteorologist Brian Lovern was featured on Bloomberg television discussing the projected path and uncertainties regarding the future of the storm.

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Interview begins about 16 minutes into the linked show.

The storm is currently a major category 3 hurricane, projected to move toward Florida and then turn north, with the timing of the turn being the key in determining a hit early next week, skirting of the coast, or a miss of the Florida peninsula. Forecast models have been all over the place, with no consistency as of yet.

natural gas commodity weather

Residents of Florida are urged to be prepared for the worst, in case a direct hit pans out, but will be hoping for the best.

Bespoke clients have also been alerted to the possible influence the storm could have regarding natural gas demand, as a hit could leave millions without power, significantly impacting gas burns, while an earlier turn would have much less effect.

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