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Subscription Offerings

Bespoke Weather Services offers actionable trading ideas based off live weather model data and our customized market analysis via subscription products for both passive portfolio managers and active energy traders. Below we list the key benefits of each subscription package, along with information on what each package includes. Click on the report links to view samples of each of our reports/alerts.

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This package is designed for the passive portfolio manager looking to capitalize off of longer-term swings in the natural gas market. With our detailed Monday and Friday reports breaking down current weather model output and expected future trends off of verification scores and a litany of atmospheric indicators, along with expected market reactions to these model trends, subscribers are able to be prepared ahead of any major weather-driven swings in the natural gas market.

This package is designed for the more active natural gas investor looking to profit off of the weekly weather-driven fluctuations in the natural gas market. With reports every morning and afternoon, daily detailed weather model analysis advising which way key models are likely to trend, and technical analysis to point towards price risks along the natural gas strip, subscribers will always be prepared for the next short-term swing within the natural gas market.

This package is perfect for the active natural gas trader that needs to be kept ahead of every weather-driven market swing or technical move and requires regular access to the latest weather analysis. While it includes all Premium content, this also comes with real-time trade alerts, daily notes on what appears to be driving price action in the natural gas market, and seasonal reports that are designed to generate trade ideas be they with outright contract positions, spreads, or options. Live text alerts make sure that no market move or weather alert gets missed. This is the real deal for anyone regularly trading natural gas.

We have also designed subscription options for institutions looking either for bulk discounts on one of our subscription products or for customized content directly applicable to their firm. Bespoke Weather has become known for our detailed and highly accurate long-range and seasonal forecasts, and we are available for consultation to create custom medium and long-range forecasts for a number of industries. Whatever your needs, we have the know-how to ensure that you and your firm are adequately prepared for any weather risks Mother Nature may throw your way.

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What Differentiates Us

Bespoke Weather Services prides itself in the holistic approach we take to meteorological and market analysis, using weather model guidance as just that: guidance. We analyze each piece of raw model output, identifying key weather model biases and trends before cross-referencing that with atmospheric indicators and model verification scores. By carefully crafting each individual forecast and overlaying that against detailed technical analysis within the natural gas market, we are able to offer highly accurate, actionable real-time alerts before the market can react to key changes in weather models. We are confident that no other firm will offer the breadth of meteorological analysis and coverage as it relates to the natural gas market while overlaying it with in-depth actionable market analysis.